lunes, octubre 02, 2006

Por si acaso / Para que sepan

Acabo de recibir este anuncio:

- Call for Papers -
The Place of Letters:
The World in Borges
April 11-15, 2007
University of Iowa
The Borges Center
Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Jorge Luis Borges conceived a global
literary map without Europe as the
prime mover. This conference offers a
broad-ranging discussion of his
literary imagination unrestricted by
geography or national histories.

Speakers include:
Sylvia Molloy
Edgardo Cozarinsky
Julio Premat
David Oubiña
Buzz Spector

Potential topics include:
• Geography: maps, atlases, places, spatial relations
• The impact of Borges on Visual Arts and Cinema
• National Literatures in Borges
• Borges’s Influences on World Literature
• Borges in a Contemporary Global Context

Selected papers will be published in Variaciones Borges
Send proposals and papers to:
Priority will be given to proposals received before November 17, 2006

Espero poder conocer a muchos de Uds. allá.